From pages and characters

Anyone who needs a text of 40 pages, and commissioned by an agency of inferior quality, can quickly experience a nasty surprise: Although 40 pages are delivered, however, on closer inspection shows that these are described only extremely thin: One too high selected font size, too large a line or margin distance can make a text appear much longer than it actually is.

Characters instead of pages!

Meaningful as a page are therefore character information: Publishers, for example, set a standard page with 1800 characters, a book page, depending on the format, font and number of illustrations thereof also significantly up or down.

A guarantee for successful texts is the number of characters – the purely external form – but not; Just clumsy scribes tend to pump up their texts with empty phrases, make doublings or deviate from the subject.

Also the extent of a work – as well as the number of footnotes or bibliographical references – gives no indication of the actual quality; Ghostwriting is not something that should be left to the mass processing of anonymous agencies. Instead, it is a highly individualized achievement that requires a whole bundle of specialized skills from the writer As usual, ask about some ways how to write my essay now . An advance phone call can help clarify all issues.

Those who want to be on the safe side, should agree with the agency several partial deliveries, which are then critically reviewed, the writer receives a direct feedback with hints and suggestions for improvement.

Content and formalities must be correct

Not only the compliance with the external formalities is important, but also the consideration of scientific standards. A good agency will take that for granted and therefore will not try to compete with other suppliers in the field of prices; The deciding factor is the quality.

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