Pay ghostwriters with bitcoins?

Ever since the enormous price increase in 2017, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has become a topic for the media. What is your use in the ghostwriting sector?

Advantages and disadvantages

Bitcoin payments are not made from Person A to Person B, as is the case with bank accounts maintained by name. Instead, they move from one address to another, each consisting of a string of numbers and letters.

This initially offers some protection against identification of the holder. However, it seems questionable whether this effort is worthwhile: Because first bitcoins must be procured, in addition, a ghostwriter would have to be found who accepts this method of payment.

Neither customers nor ghostwriters should be suspected of wanting to evade taxes. Ghostwriting is a legal service – unlike buying weapons or drugs in “Darknet”.

However, the large price fluctuations in the Bitcoin cause the Coins currently serve more as a speculative than as a currency: who assumes that the price continues to rise sharply, will tend more to keep his bitcoins, rather than spend them on products or services ,

Completely anonymous?

One thing in advance: While Bitcoin offers many advantages in terms of discretion, it is not a completely anonymous means of payment; Every internet user can view all past and current transactions to and from the Bitcoin addresses. Although the users of the addresses are usually not known, an identification could possibly take place: If these addresses are assigned to stock exchanges, for example, the owners may be identified.

In this way, the owners can be unmasked, such as when they make a transfer from an account on a stock exchange or their IP address is recorded and recorded in the transaction. If the bitcoin amount is transferred from a private wallet, this is more difficult.


The Bitcoin is under certain circumstances as a means of payment to use – however, the handling seems a bit complicated and exaggerated: Discretion should be in the ghostwriting industry basic requirement and not by the use of crypto-currency must be bought.

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