What is “good scientific literature”?

The search for literature in scientific papers is rarely straightforward; Especially when it comes to a longer text such as a bachelor thesis, a month-long study of the topic is necessary; Search terms are used and discarded, as well as the source literature is gradually replaced by more appropriate works.

The topic determines the literature

Essential in the search for suitable books and essays is, first of all, that this strictly subordinates itself to the topic of work; Otherwise, there is a danger that the use of literature will unconsciously shift the focus of the work or dilute an initially clear question.

Good literature is easy to find – the difficulty is to find good literature that is tailored to the topic of the work.

The basic requirements are:

  • The works should have appeared in a scientific (not a “popular science”) publishing house.
  • The works should have been written by recognized experts.
  • The works should be as up to date as possible.
  • Journal and Internet contributions

Papers in scientific journals are often more detailed on individual issues than books that deal with a broader topic. In addition, essays offer the advantage of greater relevance and also provide an overview of discussions and open questions; From time to time, in-depth knowledge can be gained from a scientific argument that runs through several editions of a journal.

The Internet as a source, unless it is scientific databases or journalistic articles, should be used with caution. Because for private sites there are no review mechanisms, no peer review and no guarantee for the correctness of the content.

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